Say goodbye to card fees

What is Moulah?

Moulah is a mobile payment network that can save businesses hundreds to thousands of dollars a month in card fees, and help them better understand their customer trends and purchase behaviors. All for a flat, monthly fee.
Go to stop paying credit and debit fees

stop paying credit and debit fees

Moulah allows businesses to receive payment from customers without having to pay any card fees. Rather than swiping a card, have customers pay with their phone.

Go to Powered by bank technology

Powered by bank technology

Moulah is powered by bank technology that is tested and proven for 20 years, but was not available to retailers and local business owners until 2016.

Built for your business

Moulah let’s you receive payment in different customer-friendly ways based on your business. It’s just as easy for you as it is for them.

Customers pay with their phone

Ask your customers to pay you through the Moulah app. Besides saving you money, there’s a lot of value to them. They can see your specials, photos, menu, and more all through Moulah.

How does Moulah work?

Bringing proven banking technology to the B2C economy

Moulah leverages the latest in mobile and banking technologies to help save businesses thousands of dollars a month in transaction fees, and also provides customers with a great mobile payment experience. Businesses sign up to be part of Moulah and are then found on the Moulah app and website. Customers can go to the Moulah website or download the app to purchase things from the business. Because not all businesses are the same, there are several ways customers can pay a business - all of which the business decides. For example, if a customer is buying something from a market, they can just "send" the business the amount they owe. If the customer is at a restaurant, they can "check-in" and the total will be sent to the customer's phone.

  • Works for any business and on any device

  • More secure than using a credit or debit card, and the app is as safe as any bank

  • The payment process is as quick as accepting a credit or debit card from your customers

  • Tested and approved, customers and businesses enjoy working with Moulah

Kits made for your business

Moulah compliments any in-store POS giving you a way to save money and your customers another way to pay.

Retail Kit

Customers can pay you right from the app. Give them the total and they can send payment instantly. Receive a confirmation instantly in the app.

Food & drink KIT

Give your customers the ability to order ahead, split a check, make a reservation, and more. Moulah is packed with features to give customers a great mobile experience.

health & services kit

Not only can Moulah handle payment, but it can also be used by businesses to display schedules, menus, reviews, and loyalty too. Moulah is an all-in-one solution for your in-store business.

POS integration

Moulah has different levels of integration with POS systems. If integration is vital for your company, speak to us about integrations with your systems today!


Join the waiting list

Moulah will be available this Fall. Sign up for the waiting list to stay up to latest on when we are releasing Moulah.